A Message From Float Joy

Float Joy is created to bring aesthetic joy to everyone who needs some quality kick back time alone, or with friends and family. We are a family of fashionistas and designers who strongly believe that beautiful and Instagramable pool float requires work in research, imagination, creativity to make the magic happen. Yet, we are also here to revolutionize the idea that de-signed products are pricey and unaffordable. We are the rebels to create affordable luxury for everyone.

Based out of New York, US, Float Joy is fully owned by two sisters. It all started from a family vacation to East Hamptons beach in 2017. The two sisters were lounging in their family beach house thinking, “It would be great if we could create our own pool floats for our summer get-away.” Now, Float Joy not only owns different pool floats for different occasions. Our products have expanded to various kiddie pools with artistic patterns and kid’s favorite summer garden play sprinklers. Thanks to all your love and support, we are onto our 4th summer with you. And we’ll continue our efforts and attention to details to bring out more beloved and fun de-sign to you.

We believe that beautiful pool floats must be in great quality and meet our constant pursuit in sustainability. All our materials are ethically sourced and non-toxic. We use the same mater-ials that made products for infants. To reduce waste, we made our design classic, timeless, and the quality exception so the pool floats are not one-time use. We also adopt sustainable pack-aging. All our parcels come with a Float Joy reusable shopping to help reduce plastic in many ways.

We are grateful to celebrate fun moments with you by being part of your pool time. And we’re excited to bring you more floating Joy.

With love,
Float Joy